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Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi – Faraway, near Nordfjordeid

Redolent with the folklore of the frozen Scandinavian north, Cuban-American poet Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi offers his magical poem “Faraway, near Nordfjordeid”. Set in Norway, this piece not only illuminates the fantasy and folksy myths of Northern Europe, but it also heralds the coming change and transformation of the solstice, the coming of new light. “I wrote this reflecting on the wonder of folklore, the beauty of the Norwegian countryside, when upon visiting my wife’s family farm, an enchanted place on earth,” Ricardo told The Dewdrop.

Faraway, near Nordfjordeid

The solstice is coming
The solstice is coming,

bellowed the reindeer in the pasture below
Stop with the circadian foolishness!
said the Troll beneath the root
Beneath the branch
Below the bridge
In the shadows
Near the edge where tubes of light trapped
Dust like transparent fairy dots
Rising vertically,
Threaten to turn him
To stone.

Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi

An academic physician and scientific writer, Ricardo has had his fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry featured in the U.S. and in the U.K., in Acentos Review, Hispanic Culture Review, Biostories, Foliate Oak, Lunch Ticket, The Bellingham Review, Molotov Cocktail, Star 82 Review, Wingless Dreamer, Litro and others. Born and raised in Cuba, he came to the United States as a refugee in his teens and now resides in North Florida. gonzalezrothiauthor.com Ricardo@2Almas

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