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Emma Wynn – Sitting Dawn

Emma Wynn wrote Sitting Dawn while attending a poetry workshop with William Edelglass at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts last February.  Meditating in the dharma hall there at dawn inspired this poem.

Sitting Dawn

The red sun this morning
did not rise
to throw glimmers
from the icy trees

it was only I
who kept spinning,
light to darkness,
darkness to light.

Or maybe
I’m the whole of it –
not merely on the skin
of the world, but

a satellite with one face
always glowing,
no matter
when the light comes.

Emma Wynn

Emma Wynn (she/they) received her M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School and teaches Philosophy & Religion and LGBTQ U.S. History. Her poetry has appeared most recently in Sky Island Journal (which nominated her poem for the Pushcart Prize), West Trade Review, peculiar magazine, apricity press, and The Raw Art Review. Her first chapbook, ‘Help Me to Fall,’ was a winner of the 2019 Moonstone Arts Center chapbook contest.

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