Ha Jin

Ha Jin – The Detached

"Keep in mind the meaning ofyour existence: wherever you land,your footprints will become milestones."Ha Jin Ha Jin is a poet and novelist who moved to the United States from China in 1985. Having originally learned English from listening to the radio, Ha Jing is known for the simplicity of the language he employs in his… Continue reading Ha Jin – The Detached

AR ammons
American Poetry, Poetry

AR Ammons – Still

  "though I have looked everywhereI can find nothing lowlyin the universe" AR Ammons     AR Ammons' poem Still follows a resolution of a spiritual nature to ground oneself and to identify with the lowly rather than the grandiose. It's a call to commune with what is most basic and elemental, but the poet… Continue reading AR Ammons – Still

Susan Barba
American Poetry, Poetry

Susan Barba – How Should We Live Our Lives?

"Only the seaIs free of such calculations." Susan Barba     Declared 'a poem worth framing' by one reviewer, Susan Barba's How Should We Live Our Lives? dips into a stream of questions and musings reminiscent in style of Mary Oliver's simple and probing verse. She starts with love and trepidation and ends with an… Continue reading Susan Barba – How Should We Live Our Lives?