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David Anthony Martin – The After

Colorado poet and outdoorsman David Anthony Martin reminds us of the inevitability of life and tomorrows with his poem “The After”. His lines hold daily tragedies under our noses, the unraveling of things, the spoiling of the berries, but then he teaches us what we’ve taken away from such things, that wisdom can come from suffering. He reminds us of our healing, our growth, reminds us of what we’ve learnt, of the lessons and amends we’ve garnered like treasures in a world that can feel pessimistic, aloof, and dark. David reminds us that something always comes after.

The After
after Margaret Atwood

There is always the after

even if you knew it was coming
prepared for it, worked even at prevention
and at just in case, and at more, further

the berries went bad, the paint peeled,
the eggs floated to the surface,
the refrigerator went out, the tread of the tires,
worn with the progress you had hoped for,
things fell apart, unraveled, didn’t work out,

and maybe you were right in ending it,
or at least did well, did your best,
learned a thing or two,

perhaps you won, succeeded, found healing,
made amends, made arrangements,
made your peace or made it through,

but there is always the after

David Anthony Martin

David Anthony Martin is a professional nemophilist afflicted with acute werifesteria who practices the ancient arts of shikantaza and shinrin-yoku to overcome his sense of hiraeth. He flies kites far too infrequently, forages wild mushrooms when in season, collects feathers when he finds them, writes daily and dreams nightly. He has been published in an assortment of journals and anthologies, is the author of four collections of poems ( Span, Deepening the Map, Bijoux, and The Ground Nest). He works in several capacities for the Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center in Beulah and Pueblo, Colorado including Environmental Educator, Hike Guide, Park Maintenance, Caretaker and writes a weekly column for them in the Pueblo Chieftain. He is the founding editor of Middle Creek Publishing.

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