Round Up

Editor’s Choice – The Pick of our Featured Poetry from 2022

Here at The Dewdrop, we wanted to bestow a little extra recognition on some of our favorite poems we’ve had the absolute pleasure to publish throughout the year.

The five poems which stood out to us throughout 2022 run the gamut from the life of a seventh century saint, to some spiritual feminine advice to a hypothetical child, to spiritual disillusionment and disenfranchisement in the Middle East, to finding holiness in the chaos and grit of city streets, to folklore in a bowl of hot noodles.

Along with the varied voices and subject matter of these poems, the common thread is the immense talent of the poets that allowed us the honor of publishing these pieces. It is my very great pleasure to announce The Dewdrop’s 2022 Editor’s Choice Selections.

Nicholas Trandahl
Poetry Editor

Brandon James O’Neil – City Adhan

Hinged on the image of Muslim cab driver finding a moment of serenity in communion with God in the chaos of New York City, Brandon James O’Neil’s “City Adhan” offers readers that same serenity.

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