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Jonathan Koven – Stilled Wings Will Soar

Jonathan Koven’s evocative Stilled Wings Will Soar is inspired by ‘the desire to point at a star and give it a name.

Stilled Wings Will Soar

Past the farthest knoll I drag sacks
of dead fireflies
No longer do their strobes glow

Toss handfuls into a wishing well
Watch sound circles
remember glimmering tails

In the cold black water
moonlight envisions gardens
their stilled wings will soar

Jonathan Koven

Jonathan Koven grew up on Long Island, NY, embraced by tree-speak, tide’s rush, and the love and support of his family. He holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from American University, works as a technical writer, and is Toho Journal’s head fiction editor and workshop coordinator. He lives in Philadelphia with his best friend and future wife Delana, and cats Peanut Butter and Keebler. Read his fiction and poetry at Lindenwood Review, Night Picnic, Iris Literary, and more. His debut chapbook Palm Lines is available now from Toho Publishing.

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