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Spence Pfleiderer – A Simple Morning Prayer

In Zen-like simplicity, poet Spence Pfleiderer gives us a warm little poem that is also a prayer to God. The aptly-named A Simple Morning Prayer pleads for understanding and love, for connection and illumination in a handful of terse lines. This piece is evidence that a poem need not be complex or long-winded to be a thing of authentic beauty and power.

A Simple Morning Prayer

Make me like one of your leaves
  Thirsty for light

Make me like one of your rocks
   Quiet to the core

Make me like one of your raindrops
      Joining the river

Make me like one of your feathers
      Floating in uncertainty

Make me like one of your stars
      Shining through darkness

Make me like You
     Able to love.

Spence Pfleiderer

Spencer Pfleiderer lives in Orlando with his wife. Together they have five children. He has been a public speaker for 35 years. He is The President and CEO of a non-profit residential life skills center serving those with substance use disorder in Orlando, FL. He is also director of a homeless ministry that helps people in the downtown area. Spence is an avid bicyclist and a bibliophile.

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