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Nicole Grace – One Note

Nicole Grace’s “One Note” is a sensory exploration of contemplation, alive with natural and meditative imagery. The interconnection and oneness carried in the singular Om is ever-present and evident in “One Note”, and Nicole Grace’s poem feels like akin to mantra, instead of only lines of poetry. It reminds us that prayer and poems are oftentimes inseparable.

One Note

pine cones breathe quietly
in a spring gust

rain drops ring at the ocean
a universe of tiny bells

a truck croons his story
thick and heavy on a distant road

in the heart of every sound is
only the one note

one hum hummed by every
thought and

hummed in the humming
between thoughts

a song you sing by
being. Can you be

still enough to remember
such sweetness?

To be yourself
such harmony?

Nicole Grace

Nicole Grace is a spiritual teacher and author of four award-winning books, including poetry collections The Temple and Bodhisattva. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Wild Roof Journal, The Hopper, The Closed Eye Open, Tiny Seed Journal and Pensive. She loves to visit the cathedral of wild nature, and is grateful to live close enough to the Pacific Ocean to hear it roar under a full moon.

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