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Cyn Grace Sylvie – O, Cynthia

“O, Cynthia”, Cyn Grace Sylvie’s magnificent poem, is a sojourn through family, bloodlines, history, and myth, with the poet’s own name as the catalyst. Glittering with femininity, details, Greek lore, Cyn’s poem is a delicious treat for any reader, regardless of their name and heritage. She told The Dewdrop, “It’s a poem that is an investigation of my own birth name, Cynthia, and the name’s ancient origins in mythology and mysticism.”

O, Cynthia

Feminine variation
The mound bending Delos Isle
Where she was born with her
Brighter brother; a white pearl sown
Upon a black dress quite becoming

Holy Roman epithet
Frigid daughter of Leto
Shouldering a slim bow
She rounds upon the sacred doe
An ancient beast; forever chasing

Grey sister, the Son of night
Held aloft for all to see
A mirror shield reflecting
That frozen serpent ever doomed
To consume itself, murdered then born

Virtuous Cynicism
Mispronunciation of
A Greek hero whose blood
Became the plant; precious namesake
Of my grandmother, gray-eyed and blind

We pass a glass between us,
One sharp tooth to tear and rend
This gold yarn ~ we dye red;
Wet chords passed mother to child while
She watches . . . pacing, quiet, unphased


Cyn Grace Sylvie

Cyn Grace Sylvie is a writer and performer whose work explores the internal drives and subversive desires of the human experience, through the lens of personal mythology, sensuality and mysticism. Cyn is a recipient of Epiphany Magazine’s 2017 Short Nonfiction Prize, and sited as a Notable Nonfiction Selection in ‘The Best American Essays of 2018’ (Mariner Books). Her poetry has been featured in BRKFST Biannual, MATH Magazine, Aoetearotica Magazine, Beyond Words, and The Literary Review. A graduate of Drexel University, she is a creative director by profession, an oracle by calling, and a fatalist by design. She resides in Jersey City, NJ. You can find more of her work on her website: www.cyngracesylvie.com.

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