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Christy Allen – Meditation

The Dewdrop is honored to be the first publication to publish a poem by emerging poet Christy Allen. Christy’s poem “Meditation” is a simple Zen-like offering, equating breathing with the tides, and also highlighting oneness and interconnection. Christy’s first step into the world of published poetry is a beautiful one.


smooth and empty
like sand, swept by the sea,
warm with sun, heavy with water;
living in the lull
between the shush of the waves.

a sandpiper,
fleet-footed, dimpling the sand;
slender toes, probing beak,
bubbles burping in his wake;
smooth no more.

wave glides in:
caressing and cleaning;
the sandpiper darts away,
just beyond the reach
of the tide.

the surf slips away
and the sandpiper runs,
pressing imprints into the sand
during the pregnant pause
between breaths.

In this moment,
in this push and pull,
I am the sand;
I am the ocean;
I am the sandpiper.

Christy Allen

Christy Allen is an associate librarian at Furman University, specializing in digital librarianship. She has written professional articles for South Carolina Libraries, RLG DigiNews, and Against the Grain. She is the foremost expert on the poetry of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, providing research assistance to scholars worldwide. She has been writing both rhymed and free verse poetry since she was 9 years old, but is currently an unpublished poet.

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