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Seth Josephson – In the Future

A short poignantly simple piece, Seth Josephson’s “In the Future” imagines a distant future without humanity or civilization. Instead, it imagines a future of physics, particles, and expansion. “I was thinking about the perspective it gives to my life when I imagine the heat death of the universe–the leading hypothesis of astrophysicists for the future of everything,” explained Seth to The Dewdrop. As for his unique style of poetry and poetic themes, Seth explained, “My work focuses on living with care and loving attention to people, animals, plants, and minerals; and honoring interconnection at a time of crisis and deep suffering. I believe in using language to get at things beyond language, and in the possibility of a better future.”

In the Future

In the future
there won't be any love
or hate
or waving our arms around
in the air
like birds
imitating destiny.

There will only be
the slow, cold expanse
of every particle
falling away
finding its freedom.

Seth Josephson

Seth Josephson is an Ohio poet. He works in public libraries and as a scholar of religion, STS, and critical animal studies. Seth can be found among flowers looking for pollinators, on Instagram @seth.fossils, and doing what he can though it won’t be enough.

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