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Way-Seeking Mind

The Gift

By D. M. DiLillo

blinds dark light shadow

HOSPICE HAD BEEN called. He wanted to go at home. His nightstand light bathed the bedroom with a softness altered only by the light of last sunrises and sunsets prying through drawn blinds.   Our mother, us four, and his two older sisters stood in shifts around his bed. We breathed every labored breath with him.

Morphine helping decouple his spirit from its mortal anchor’s crush of pain. Waking, he asked for his sisters to come closer. He smiled, “Don’t be afraid. It’s beautiful. I have to go. I have to get back on the train. It’s beautiful!”

He smiled at all of us and closed his eyes.

About the Author

D.M. DiLillo lives just outside Boston. His second career is working as a SAG union actor on Hollywood films and television series around Boston. He is active in live theatre in Boston and even did a little stand up comedy. He reads great fiction, takes writing classes and writes.  His short story, ‘The Steamer Trunk’ will be published in the upcoming Volume 2 of ‘A Feast of Narratives’ by  Tiziano Thomas Dossena and Idea Press

11 thoughts on “The Gift”

    1. Hi Richard, thank you so much for the kind words and taking the time to read my piece. It’s my hope people gain the comfort I did from those simple words.

    1. Thank you Michael. We’re all going to take that journey. I really do feel it is a gift to have those words brought to us all that there is something next and it’s waiting for us all.

    1. Hi Theresa, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece and your kind words. My best and my regards to you all.

  1. Beautifully written Dave. knowing we all get closer to our own ride every day this perspective helps shave the edge. Love you buddy, Marko

    1. Marko, thanks for taking the time and the kind words. We’re all on this journey and we’ll all come to its end. I’ve taken great comfort in these words and I am not afraid.

    1. Thank you Mark for reading my piece and taking the time to respond with such kind words and support. I hope you and all of yours are well and healthy and happy.

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