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Wendy Blaxland – That Wind

For Wendy Blaxland, That Wind is a response to what happens in her immediate natural world. She writes, ‘we have had much wild weather here in Australia in the past few years, but are also blessed by a vibrant light which always uplifts me.’

That Wind

That wind we fear frees
          the old leaves from the trees
                    and sweeps the clouds on
                              to reveal the sky behind
                                        like a luminous blue eggshell.

Wendy Blaxland

Wendy Blaxland is an award-winning writer. She has published poetry in Australia, England, the United States and Norway and over 110 books, mainly for children, both fiction and non-fiction. She is also a playwright with over 25 plays produced. Wendy lives surrounded by bush near Sydney. Much of her poetry is inspired by the environment in which she lives. But she is a citizen of the world and is passionate about how poetry can vibrate the heartstrings of its people.

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