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Samantha Wright – And Again

Samantha Wright’s And Again is a fluid study of nature’s blessings and miracles, and humanity’s struggle to comprehend those humble quiet blessings. By the end of the poem, we are witness to those recurring gifts from nature, despite our doubts, greed, and ego.

And Again

I follow green rivers, flooded rivers, wild rivers.
Rivers that swirl around my swollen ankles.
I wade through swirling eddies,
I make my way through deep water.

So many miracles, yet I am constantly greedy.
Prove yourself to me one more time,
(And again. And again).
Give me some more miracles.

I believe. I will deny it three times.
Three times three,
(And again. And again).
I am nothing but ego and apology.

You allow swiftly flowing rivers
To wash my feet with blessings anyway.
You give me the scent of roses in the evening.
You give me the soft grace of a new day.

Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright lives in Washington state with her husband. She is a graduate of Western Washington University. Her poems have been featured by Moonstone Arts Center, The Showbear Family Circus, Welter magazine, Mignolo Press, Cathexis Northwest Press, and many other wonderful online and print publishers.

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  1. Wow! Samantha Wright’s “And Again” is my favorite poem of the year, and it’s going on my refrigerator right now. Fantastic. Thank you.

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