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Michael Grimwood – God Ecology

Poet Michael Grimwood takes readers on a journey into divine realms of leaf, blossom, and holiness with his imaginative poem “God Ecology”. Thick with the explosive wild growth of spring, this poem takes us to an Eden without the burdens of sin, where divinity swells on the vine and God roams the woods in his varied forms. “‘God Ecology’ is my adventure into the imaginal realms and how the visible relates to the invisible,” Michael explained to The Dewdrop.

God Ecology

The names of God are like the fauna,
Of the secret realms of luminescence.
Where light-trees and soul-flowers,
Flourish in their sacral essence.

There are angels that grow here,
Below each blossom’s blessing.
magnolias of holy presence,
That compel the eye to sing.

Stamen’s hold their evanescence,
Each chimerical, filigreed thing.
Mandalas of season-less years,
Gyre the heart of new Eden’s king.

No prince nor princess of trauma,
No ancient apple will coalesce,
Here all lay forfeit their powers,
Eternal and undressed.

Michael Grimwood

Michael Grimwood is a counselor from England, East Anglia who writes spiritual poetry when inspired. He is influenced mainly by the mystical traditions of the world and his experience of the Suffolk countryside.

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