Bewilderness Writing Workshops

Introducing our homegrown writing workshop led by The Dewdrop’s very own editorial staff member, Ellis Elliott. Set your writing practice free with Bewilderness Writing, a freewriting technique meant to open your creative barriers and give your writing the boost it sometimes needs.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting on 16th and 17th January 2024.
Sign up is at the bottom of this page.
Once you submit the form, we will contact you if there is availability on your chosen day and we will send an invoice through PayPal. *Waiting list participants will only receive an invoice if a space becomes available.

What is Bewilderness Writing?

Bewilderness Writing uses the technique of freewriting to uncover the fertile wilderness of your creative subconscious, without getting blocked by your inner critic. The community workshops are a supportive method for getting past that inner critic and gaining confidence in your writing practice. 

This simple technique helps you to get your thoughts on the page in a safe and sacred space free of judgment. Each session starts with a poetry prompt, followed by 10-12 minutes of writing. Everyone gets to read their piece while others listen. There is no discussion or critique. We’re here for a powerful and intimate writing practice that will help you gain momentum for whatever project is ahead.

I have never written before. Is this workshop for me?

Yes, it is for writers of all levels of experience, including people who already have an established writing practice and who feel like they could use a boost. It is for all creative writers: poets as well as writers of prose.

How many people will be in the workshop?

Bewilderness writing workshops are an intimate group, with 8 writers working together with Ellis.

What are the times and dates of the workshop?

The workshop is 6 weeks long. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays from 1-2pm EST / 10-11am PST / 7-8pm Central European Time.
Begins March 7th, 2023.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop costs $150 for six sessions. We will send you a Paypal payment link once we have confirmed your spot in the workshop. Places will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

How can I sign up?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch with confirmation and a PayPal link for payment.

Ellis Elliott

I believe that anyone can rediscover their inner artist and unlock the door to their imagination through freewriting. My writing groups are based on the free flow of words without any judgment to help you access your creative subconscious.



Ellis Elliott is the creator of Bewilderness Writing. She started her creative journey when she discovered the best place to begin was by making a “mess on the page”, through a process called freewriting.

Ellis is an editor at The Dewdrop, as well as a writer and writing group guide.In all of her creative endeavors, she’s been fascinated with the creative process and the many ways we express ourselves.

Ellis began offering a freewriting group online after the pandemic hit, and it has proven to be an intimate and powerful practice. Her workshops have lead writers to their next writing idea, have helped them discover inner truths, or simply helped them commit to a writing practice. Group members have submitted their Bewilderness work for publication, used them for their blogs or social media, and gained confidence in their voice, on the page and in life

“This Bewilderness Writing group is such an amazing experience. It is an opportunity to not only connect with individuals I may not otherwise have met, but to be part of a community on a deeply healing soulful level.”

– Cheryl Lemenager, Cincinnati, OH

“Ellis, through your words and guidance during your writing workshops you create a space that feels safe. I have never felt a hint of judgment, and have felt such a sense of encouragement that it makes me want to strive to forever grow as a writer. You have a calming and nurturing essence that also makes me want to always reach for the best of myself, even when it is hard and uncomfortable for me.”

— Janet Holmes Uchendu

“Ellis is a great creativity coach because she is a true artist herself. Her creativity shines through in all she does. She provides a safe container for others to truly express themselves, and leads by example with honesty in her own work.”


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