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Infinities of Blue – Maggie Nelson

In a 2007┬áinterview about her writing, Maggie Nelson said that the starting question for her book, Bluets, which is all about the color blue, was this: "can I contain all the information and feeling I have collected over the years about the color blue (my favorite color) and marry it to the form of Wittgensteinian… Continue reading Infinities of Blue – Maggie Nelson

Walt Whitman
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The Lesson of a Tree – Walt Whitman

After Walt Whitman suffered a stroke at the age of 54, he spent his time immersed in nature as he slowly recovered his health. This passage from the collection of his notes and sketches called Specimen Days is a beautiful meditation on trees and their eloquence, endurance and imperturbability. 'It is, yet says nothing,' he… Continue reading The Lesson of a Tree – Walt Whitman

Joy Harjo
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Eagle Poem – Joy Harjo

Oklahoma-born Joy Harjo is a member of the Mvskoke Nation and the United States' 23rd poet laureate, the first Native American to be nominated for the post. Much of the imagery she uses in her poems is couched in nature as well as myth and ancestry. In Eagle Poem, she invokes circles and revolutions, wordless… Continue reading Eagle Poem – Joy Harjo