Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood – Habitation

Using the stark language of cold glaciers and barren deserts, Margaret Atwood paints a picture of marriage as something that survives on the very peripheries of primitive forces and natural epics. Not a house or even a tent, it's a place where we are 'learning to make fire', as though we are still in the very first and most primal stages of the endeavor. 

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The Draw of the Dark Ages – Rachel Cusk

'Division is also an aspect of unification,' writer Rachel Cusk at the beginning of her memoir, Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation. Here she is talking about the Dark Ages and the nature of their fragmentation in contrast to the two civilizations that bookended them. It's a question, she says, of unity versus compartmentalization, of diversity and flourishing in… Continue reading The Draw of the Dark Ages – Rachel Cusk