Seung Sahn
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What is Death? You Are Already Dead

Seung Sahn was the first Korean Zen master to come to live and teach in the West. His style borrowed from a number of different Buddhist traditions, particularly Rinzai. The book, 'Dropping Ashes on the Buddha' is a collection of his teachings that happened both in person as well as through correspondence - a way… Continue reading What is Death? You Are Already Dead

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What to Do About Noise

One day a student at the Cambridge Zen Center said to Seung Sahn Soen-sa, "I am disturbed by noise when I sit Zen. What can I do about this?" Soen-sa said, "What color is this rug?" "Blue." "Is it quiet or noisy?" "Quiet." "Who makes it quiet?" The student shrugged his shoulders. Soen-sa said, "You… Continue reading What to Do About Noise