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Suzanne Eaton – windchimes

Suzanne Eaton’s windchimes is a meditative discourse on wind and sound, and the tranquility and openness manifested by the simple act of stillness. Suzanne’s poem reminds the reader to listen, and also to be grateful to be able to just sit still and observe. She reminds us what a gift it is to be aware in a world where stillness and awareness are being drowned in the cacophony.


a gentle breeze was
lightly tussling shells and stones
meant to strike on each other to sibilate,
hiss, and whisper your own
freshly loosed thoughts
back into your soul.
like voices afar off
the jangling of each woven shroud
brought sundry pitch and textured sounds
awakening new areas of my mind.
deep breaths of open musing
rose and fell with the wind as it
returned to tantalize the ornamental chimes
that had waited so long in silence.
Lifted on the breeze
freed to manifest each ubiquitous interval
and send forth vibrations into
nature’s lonely sentiment.
I close my eyes and feel the sounds
made so effortlessly
that tranquilize my worries
and open my heart to hear
the rapture of the universe.
–so fortunate to be sitting here.

Suzanne Eaton

Suzanne S. Eaton is an author and marketing consultant. She has written many corporate stories and magazines. She now writes about love, loss, and family with great joy. Most recently, Writer Shed Stories, Seaborne Magazine, The Purpled Nail, The Silent World in Her Vase, Scarlet Leaf Review, Rue Scribe, eris & eros, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, The Elevation Review, The Write Launch, Dreamers, Poet’s Choice, The Poet Magazine, Carmina Magazine, Wingless Dreamer, Unlimited Literature, and Literary Excellence/Ariel’s Dream have selected her work for publication.

1 thought on “Suzanne Eaton – windchimes”

  1. I am a lover of gentle wind chimes, so Suzanne’s poem touched me deeply. Her words,
    “..send forth vibrations into
    nature’s lonely sentiment”
    have deep meaning for me; as I’ve come to understand my world as various forms of vibrations.
    I’m also excited to learn a new word, “sibilate”, as I love words!
    Thank you Suzanne.

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