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Kurtis Ebeling – Snowmelt

With the quietude of the rising sun and melting snow, Kurtis Ebeling’s “Snowmelt” serves as an ode to springtime and a requiem to winter. It’s a sparse little poem of just a handful of lines and their hushed images, almost hearkening to the great Zen poets of centuries past, but these lines quiver with rejuvenation and growth. Let’s welcome warmer days with Kurtis Ebeling.


A crow startles—
chimes half-whisper.

Daylight looms behind
the tops of white roofs
and paints cold pines

with yellow—casting
shadows against grass
and soft moss, greening

under the slow, bright
drip of waning ice.

Kurtis Ebeling

Kurtis Ebeling is a poet living in Spokane, WA and an MA graduate in English. He received both his BA and MA from Eastern Washington University. Ranging from imagistic and deconstructed to traditional forms, his poems have been published with 86 Logic, Black Sunflowers Poetry Press, and Tempered Runes Press. His short collection of poems, Beneath Stretching Pines, is available for sale on Amazon.

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