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Adam Jon Miller – anthology

Adam Jon Miller offers readers a peek at a part of series of poems inspired by the ancient Chinese poets with his “anthology”. “The poem is taken from a series of poems loosely inspired by an English translation of the Chu Ci, which is an anthology itself. I find ancient Chinese poetry to be mysterious, spiritual and filled with symbols, numbers and enigmatic characters that speak at many levels—mostly in ways I don’t understand. This poem is a nod to the ancients,” Adam explained to The Dewdrop. He added, “One thing I love about poetry is how inspiration can come at any time, in any place, from anything. One day, while drinking a beer from Sixpoint Brewery and studying the can, I knew I had to use “sixpoint” somewhere. It snuck its way into ‘anthology’ to became a part of its natural landscape and mythos.”


this was compiled by the tired
saints, swept away, decadent.
the nine suns continued to
scribe it, even after it was
exiled of light & dark.
to obey heaven is to expand
larger than the human tax law

———————-⁎ ⁎

which works only temporarily.
indeed, listen to the household
sage: his yellow belly, full of
riversmoke cloud. He blows
out his ravenous wind, u take it.
ferry past the sixpoint m ⁎ ⁎ n.

Adam Jon Miller

Adam Jon Miller lives in a tourist town/trap on the Gulf of Mexico with his wife, Tracy, and two lovely human sparks, Solomon and Vera. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a BA in English and Creative Writing. Adam is in real estate and can dish out more synonyms for “beach house” than an online thesaurus. His photographs have appeared in various literary journals including River River, Stoneboat and Meat for Tea. He has contributed articles on architecture, real estate and culture to The Epoch Times and Middle Land Magazine. Adam has had poetry published recently in the William & Mary Review and in parentheses. Visit Adam @ www.adamjonmiller.com.

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