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Steve Fay – turnings: a suite of poems

Steve Fay’s “turnings: a suite of poems” is something special, a sequence of earthy fragments tumbling down the page like detritus. Laden with mesmerizing imagery of tinder, dirt, sky, and hoof, this poetic work reminds a reader of Gary Snyder or a different Thoreau-esque voice of holy Beat tangibility. Steve explained to The Dewdrop, “This work might be called a poetic sequence; however, that would imply a more linear connection between the parts. What links them are aspects of form and of imagery, and especially the associative leaps taken within and among of the individual poems which collectively make up the entire piece.” He further added, “The title is meant to be broadly resonant, as the pieces and their grouping contain various turns. Also, if imagining wood turned on a lathe, one can see how collections of shavings gather in such a process.”

turnings: a suite of poems


awake all night
a scour

beneath north

than shadow

less than

poor-will cry


the plum’s waxy

——-in the
——-the con-

fident string


to flame


where to drain the
pressings they

were not rich enough

here is the glove
where is the hand

that hand drawn
against a face was it

one morning

mourning over a
pallid sky dry air

breathing can
make you weak

thin cider


amid sodden dreams
hard to listen

music of broken

notes pruned around

near to dawn
vague de-

crease of light
murk of coming

abandonment to

bare stones
gregorian crickets


sunrise found when

excavating eden
the amor-

anthe glowing

the distant lightning
acute but

silent no footprints
but deer

where they gnawed
treebark their

scat flecked with

———-_ _ _

Steve Fay

Steve Fay’s collection, what nature: Poems (Northwestern UP, 1998), was a finalist for the annual poetry book award given by The Society of Midland Authors and was cited by the editors and board of the Orion Society as one of their 10 favorite nature/culture-related books of the 12-month period in which it appeared. His work has recently appeared (or is forthcoming) in 3rd Wednesday, Leon Literary Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry, TriQuarterly. and other journals.

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